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Let us introduce ourselves

Nos presentamos Litotúria

Welcome to LITOTÚRIA, one of the references in the creation and end-to-end manufacture of cardboard and PVC / PP / PET articles and containers. Founded in Valencia with a family character, we are about to accomplish 40 years offering practical and effective solutions to help give prestige to our customers’ products.
We are committed to a policy of new technologies continuous investment and in the implementation of our human team’s know-how, two key aspects in the growth of LITOTÚRIA.


We offer personalized high-value answers in accordance with the use and trust of customers and users.

Our values

…we integrate it into tecnology.


Creating and manufacturing containers that improve our customers’ brand image and products, always offering excellent parameters of functionality and service.


Becoming the reliable manufacturer of food packaging, perfumery and cosmetics sectors, and industrial applications.


Maintaining the profitability of the company with the quality, sustainability and safety of manufactured products, making continuous improvement our best working tool.

Integrated Management System

LITOTÚRIA establishes an Integrated Management System, implemented in all the departments of the firm.

We ensure efficiency in all management processes, the quality, the environment and the safety of the products we produce. We are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, Forest Custody Chain FSC® and PEFC, and in BRC packaging implementation, with the purpose of ensuring the quality and safety of the products provided and the correct behavior with the surrounding environment; our activities and services are always within the legal compliance. These systems undergo both internal and external audits at planned intervals.

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LITOTÚRIA offers its clients the most advanced equipment and printing techniques, several materials and processes of the highest quality managed by a highly qualified and experienced human team.

Human team

We have a group of multidisciplinary professionals, highly specialized in the graphic arts and involved in the sectors of food, packaging and casing.

The team of LITOTÚRIA, is responsible for defining and manufacturing containers with the required levels of quality, thanks to a productive process involving expert knowledge and the application of cutting-edge technologies.

Commercial advice

We transmit personalized information about our products and services, adapting to the specific needs of the specific business model and always adjusting costs.

Collaborating effect with customers

We study the specific needs of each client, who can take part in the development of the new product.

Facilities and Equipment

LITOTÚRIA has modern facilities equipped with the most sophisticated and modern equipment in the sector, in order to meet the needs of customers, as well as regulatory and legal requirements.

LITOTÚRIA reinvests its benefits to increase quality in all processes through the latest technologies, allowing a flexible and rapid production of prototypes and products in our facilities of almost 7,000 m2.

Distributed between: end-product warehouse, factory, offices and raw materials warehouse.

LITOTÚRIA has an annual production capacity of more than 250 million cases and packaging.

Montaje de caja

ERP Management

LITOTÚRIA incorporates to its systems the latest technologies, in the commercial, administrative, financial and production area, with mobility systems in all its productive processes.

Plumillas Litotúria


LITOTÚRIA carries out the complete cycle of the production of cases, from the previous design and development, through manufacturing to distribution and delivery.

This is the complete process in which three complete production lines stand out, making it possible to print on all surfaces and types of media, with any type of ink and finishes: uvi, recycled, cardboard, folding, complexes, pvc, polyester as well as hot stamping.

Development / Design

Desarrollo y Diseño Litotúria

There’s prior elaboration at the dimensional and performance levels (pre-punching) and graphic level (pre-printing) from the information and computer supports provided by the client.

Impresión Litotúria


Printing by the OFFSET method (iron-rubber-sheet transmission), in both acrylic and UVI drying inks.

Cutting / Finishing

Troquelado y Acabado Litotúria

In this section, in addition to case formation, all the waste is removed from the carton and the finishes that give added value are made:



Braille code

Pegado y Plegado Litotúria

Gluing / Folding

Automatic system with integrated color and paste process controls.

Includes glued windows.

Pallet loading, labelling and registration to the warehouse by the ERP, with direct communication to all users.

Final quality control point.

Quality and Process Control

Control de Calidad y de Procesos Litotúria

LITOTÚRIA works under the concept of mixed self-control:

Each section is responsible for performing quality control before releasing the product to the next.

Specific quality control in die cutters.

Reinforced with the final quality control according to ISO 9001 (standard Military adaptation)

Coordination with ERP

Entrega Litotúria


Own fleet and by subcontracting transport.

Products that distinguish us from the rest.

We currently diversify our lines of business towards an increasingly specialized, technical, close and professional service. The trust placed by our customers and the accumulated experience allow us to continue working to improve the presence, responsiveness, perceived quality and suitability for use and regulation in each and every single product we make.

We respond to the emotional needs of an audience that evolves with new lifestyles and cultural trends, through packaging and cases that combine design, practicality and exclusive materials, aimed at helping to decide the final buyer’s choice.

In LITOTÚRIA we know that each sector and company count on a series of factors that must be treated in a specific way.

In this way, we segment our productive structure with a clear sector approach, based on four main lines, sensitizing us with the respective certifications.


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